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I Had a Pink Christmas

my pink treeWell this year I got to have my pink Christmas tree and also added some new fun stuff to my pink collection. I got a nice shirt, some bath scrungies, a cool pink spatula, fuzzy soft socks and pink drain plug. Someone knows that I love pink. I have tried on the socks and they are so soft and warm. I have some baking to do so I can’t wait to try the spatula out. I wonder if Brian will let me keep my tree up all year round. I doubt it lol. pink gifts

My Dream Christmas Present

pink diamondI have found my dream Christmas present, fat chance I will ever get it though. I was browsing and found an article about a 2.74 carat pink diamond ring. It is the largest pink diamond ever mined in Canada. I don’t know about you but I don’t have half a million laying around, but if I did I just might buy it.

Whats Your Favorite Shade of Pink

Pink shadesThere are so many different shades of pink, from dark to light and everything in between. My favorite is the lighter shades of pink, but it also does depend of the item or article of clothing.  Personally the color pink makes me very happy. I am not sure what it is about the color that cheers me up. Of these shades I would say my favorite is the third from the left. It is just so pretty.

Whats Your Impulse Story

Wacky pink purchasesI don’t know about you but I have had many bad impulse purchases that I have made strictly because the item was pink. I have however learned that I need to think about a purchase first before I  buy something now. Not everything that is pink is worth buying. I know it seems shocking but it’s true. How about you? I’m sure you have had those kinds of purchases. Leave me a comment and tell me your story.